• What is a Criterium


    A criterium, or more commonly referred to as a “crit,” is a short, multi-lap, closed circuit road cycling race traditionally held in an urban setting with its roots in Europe. In this instance, the race incorporates a start and finish on Broadway and includes some wicked turns in and through Harmonie Park within Downtown Detroit.


    This affords spectators the opportunity to see the racers each lap, observe the action as it unfolds, and actually feel the action and excitement. Because the course is short (usually less than a mile), it is common for fans to “walk the course” and see the action from a variety of vantage points. (Think NASCAR for bicycles, but you’re not stuck in your seat the whole time.)


    Envision, too, Broadway lined on both sides with banners, flags and cheering race fans ringing their race bells as cyclists battle it out. Crit racing provides day-long excitement where spectators can experience the adrenaline rush up close. This explains why criterium racing is the most popular form of competitive road cycling in the US.



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