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    In our main post we mention that there will be Pro/1/2/3 Men, Cat 3/4 Men, Cat 5 Men and Cat 4 Women.

    Active.com has a pretty great breakdown on what a Cat is and how you move up.

    But for our purposes, if you are on this page, what you need to know is this – if you have never raced a bike before, you can purchase a $10 one day license from USA Cycling (also pay the CDC entry fee) and race! We want to get as many new people out to race as possible.

    If you or someone you know is looking to get into racing there are plenty of options for beginners. There are almost always beginners races during every race throughout the summer. Check out the full race calendar on the Michigan Bike Race Association website.

    Or you can get out early in the spring and be taught by some of the best cyclists in Michigan at the Ann Arbor Skills Clinic (I assume the 2014 site will be up soon). Or if you live farther north, you can check out the Flying Rhino Spring Training Series. Both of these “rides” are run by people who bring completely different perspectives on racing, they both teach a lot about how to ride a bike in a group of people.

    I recommend anyone on a bike go to these skills clinics and learn to ride in groups of people. Cycling is becoming so popular in cities again, and it’s great to see so many people out and on cycles. But it’s also important that you learn the basics of riding in a group. Being able to ride close to another rider without fear is something all cyclists, young and old, should relearn every year.

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